Small Penis Gallery

 Frank might be small when soft but makes up for it when erect

This is Pete from UK, again it might be small when soft but suspect that he gets no complaints when erect


 This is Franco from Italy, again it goes from quite small when soft, but bursts through his foreskin to a respectable erection


 Ted from USA, who must come close to winning a prize for having the greatest increase in size from 'soft to erect'! Unless you can beat it!


Here is one of his 3 inch erections to show things don't get better when aroused.

  Stephen, doing his best to please the ladies



 Carlo. When flaccid it is not different to other guys, but when erect it is probably the smallest in the Gallery. Carlos informs me that his genitals are fully-formed and functional.


Gavin is less than 1" soft and around 4.5"hard



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