The sensitive nature of the Gans does mean that if exposed for shortish periods, then it can feel quite nice. The awareness of this sensitivity does increase the excitment of an erection, both from a point of view of intensity and duration. If you look at many of my photos in the various parts of my webpage you will see my penis with both its head covered and exposed. One additional thing that is obvious is that without the forekin cover, the glans are allowed to expand slightly and the end of the penis takes on greater form.

My foreskin slides over the glans quite easily, even when erect. However I have created a device (which I call a Maxiglan, or Maxi for short), which anchors the foreskin behind the glans. It also exerts a slight pressure on the shaft of the penis, which further accentuates the size of the head and the Glans.

It is basically a plastic ring, which slides over the head of the penis and sits around the shaft of the penis behind the Glans. Not only does it look good, but feels good to wear.

Penis with glans exposed

Penis with glans exposed wearing a Maxiglan

 How to make your Maxiglan

At first glance there is not too much difference betwen the penis with and without the Maxiglan, but on closer inspection, the shaft of the penis behind the glans is slightly constricted, which accentuates the size of the Glans.

The Maxi is easy to make. It possibly reqires a little 'fine tuning' to suite the size of your penis, but it is all good fun, so why not give it a try!

The plastic ring is made from the spout of a Radox (bubble bath) bottle. You need to cut off the top 1cm of the spout using a 'junior hacksaw' or similar. The actual length that you cut off is not that critical, and is something that you may wish to vary.

I then make a cut through the ring so that its diameter can be 'stretched' if necessary. You will need some fine sandpaper to smooth off any rough edges caused by the sawing.

Next, take your soft penis, offer up the Maxi to the head of the penis and then pull through some excess foreskin.

Then pull the foreskin back so that the Maxi is pulled / slid over the head of the penis until the Maxi is behind the Glans and around the shaft of the penis.



At this stage it is quite possible that the 'short cut' will have opened up in the ring while it was being slid over the Glan and some skin may be caught in the cut, so just ease out any skin that may have become trapped.


The next step is to pull / slid the foreskin back under the ring to expose most of the head of the penis. You want to stop when there is about 1cm of foreskin left covering the penis head.

You then pull that bit of 'excess' foreskin back over the outside of the ring so that it actually covers the ring. An that is about it

When the penis is soft, it looks virtually do different with or without the ring.

When it starts to get erect, the ring restricts the size of the penis shaft immediately behind the Glans. This prevents the foreskin form sliding forward and also accentuates the size of the Glans. Whether it is soft or erect the Maxiglan is hardly visable, I think that it looks good and certainly feels good to wear.


 With the Maxiglan


Without the Maxiglan

Removing the Maxi when the penis is soft is easy, all you have to do is slide the ring and foreskin back over the head of the penis. If the penis is not quite soft, the Maxi can be removed by squeezing the head / Glans of the penis for a few seconds, this will reduce its circumference making it easy to slide the Maxi and foreskin over the head of the penis.

One of the early versions that I made did not hace the cut in the ring. This meant that the ring's size was fixed. It could only be fitted or removed when the penis was very soft. However the way that it constricted the size of the penis shaft is impressive. Its major problem was that you were so aware that you were wearing it, the resulting stimulation could result in it taking ages to remove as the penis would never go soft enough to allow its removal!

The Maxiglan as I have described it is clearly intended for the uncircumcised penis. However if you Google the word 'glans', you will find that there are lots of people out there trying to sell you Glan Rings. I can only imagine that they are targeting mainly the American market as they appear to be intended for a circumcised peni. The one below, which is sold by Tickleberry, is clearly a ring that sits on the penis shaft behind the Glans, but is 100% visable and does not have the same impact on the size of the Glans. So its function bears little resemblence to my Maxiglan.

The MaxiMaxiglan

While my maxiglan attempts to prevent the foreskin from coming forward while being discrete, another variation on a theme, which keeps the foreskin back but is by no means discrete - this is the MaxiMaxiglan!

It is basically a rolled cardboard tube which fits snuggly over the shaft of the penis, but allows the head to poke through. The dimensions of my one is 4cm in diameter and 9cm in length, but if you try one, then you will probably need to find a tube to fit your 'dimensions'.

You need to put it on when soft and tease the head through the end. Once it starts to get erect the glans expand which locks the foreskin and penis shaft in the tube. On me I can feel that it does constrict the diameter of the penis shaft, which is a strange but nice feeling. I suspect that the constriction does add to the size of the expanded glans.

As you can see from my example, the tube comes from a well known manufacturer of fruit pastles!

If you fancy making one feel free to let me know how you get on and what you think of it. By all means include some photos.

Thomas writes:

I was intrigued by your idea and started hunting for a suitable ring as I could not locate a Radox bottle in Canada! Started off with a metal "curtain ring" from Ikea, which at first seemed to do the job, but after having lost 2 in a row whilst wearing them, first one out of my shorts whilst running and the second one in the water whilst swimming, it was time for a new search. Turned out that the diameter of the ring was just too large to stay on when my penis decided to go flaccid again. I cut off the top 1/2" off a Coca Cola 375ml plastic bottle. Found the edges very sharp so decided to cover the ring with black electrical tape, after making a cut in the ring as Peter suggested. The tape makes the ring slide on & off my penis in an easy manner and because of the better flexibility of the ring, it stays on during flacid moments as well as during more erect episodes.

I agree that it creates a very pleasant feeling wearing at and even when you are clothed just touching your penis with the ring in place, creates a good sensation which is what we all can do with more often!
The comes the erectile situation with the ring on...oh boy, talk about a good feeling!

As you state: the ring prevents the foreskin from covering the glans but it also makes the glans' size more prominent. You can cover up the maxiglan with a bit of foreskin or not, depending if you want it to be seen by others on the nude beach; but in any position I find it looking attractive and very sensational to have on! The other pix attached show the various positions of my penis towards a good erection and the restrictive nature of the maxi glan can clearly be observed. My pictures are not half as professional as your Peter! did you get your wife to take them?


Ron's Maximaxiglan


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