The Bum
Its name changes depending on where you live. In UK, the word 'bum' is a common term, but in other parts of the world it is more commonly know as the buttocks, butt arse, etc. There are a whole host of words in common use that are linked to the bum, and are inevitably derogatory in some form or another. For example: beach bum, butt end etc. The bum is a much maligned part of the body. We all have one and every one is different. It is basically formed by two masses of the gluteal muscles. The two muscles are separated by a cleft or crack, in which the anus is situated.

In humans, the anus is cunningly concealed by the buttocks. This is not so in the case of many animals nor is it in the case of our ancestors such as monkeys, chimpanzees etc. True, it was a result of us becoming homo erectus that achieved this result. Not that there need be any shame attached to the anus being visible - but probably we would prefer not be reminded on a daily basis of why it is there or of the smelly business of evacuation of the bowels.

A Confused Society

Society's reaction to the bum is confused to say the least. It is probably the proximity of the excretory function of the anus that is the root cause of human hostility to the buttocks.

Willfully exposing one's own bare bum can be used as a protest, a provocation or for fun is called mooning. On the other hand having one's bare buttocks exposed by another unexpectedly and in public, can be a source of humiliation.

In common with other crazy aspects of our society, what is shunned by many in reality is flaunted when covered by a small amount of fabric, and this is certainly true of the bum. Clothing can be used to accentuate the bum. Some articles are designed specifically to show off the bum or to expose it. Wearing only thong underwear is done to hide "panty lines", as creases in underwear can break the smooth line of the body. Both of these choices are under taken for style.

Modern clothing styles in UK for women are for lower and lower hipster trousers and jeans. The lowness of cut can actually expose the top of the 'crack' similar to a 'builders bum'.

Some consider a well-formed bum to be a sexually pleasing important part of one's physical attractiveness. However, the definition of "well-formed" is up for debate, as sexual aesthetics of the buttocks vary considerably from culture to culture, per fashionable style period and even from person to person.

Although the bum is only muscle, and in UK it is not illegal, but I have heard the odd story about ladies turning up at public swimming pools wearing thongs or very skimpy outfits and getting the odd strange look but that's usually as far as it goes, I suspect that if a man was to do this he would not receive such a favorable reaction. You can't help but think that if society does not and don't understand it', they turn away and usually label it, 'perverted'.

But when you strip way the clothing, then the bum is certainly more than something that you just sit on.


The bum is a major target for punishment. When I was at school punishment would be in the form of caning the backside. I'm not sure why the bum was the target?

For many adults, giving and receiving spankings and other types of corporal punishment is an intense, powerful, and often erotic experience. It can lead to intense trust, wonderful emotional releases, delicious naughty feelings, and a great deal of fun, sometimes sexual, sometimes not.

The Anus

The anus is full of thousands of nerve endings both inside and outside, making it very sensitive. For some people, the anus is an erogenous zone that can respond to sexual touch and stimulation. For others, it's a hands-off zone that needs to be respected. It is okay to enjoy anal stimulation, and it's also okay to dislike it - both preferences are common.


Anal sex play is often associated with gay men. However, many men and women, regardless of whether they're gay, lesbian, straight, or bisexual, enjoy anal stimulation. And many, including gay men, don't. Some straight couples use anal sex as a way to preserve the woman's virginity. For those who like it, anal stimulation can be part of masturbation, intercourse, or oral sex.

Anal intercourse is sex play that involves insertion of the penis or a sex toy into the anus. Generally, for women, pleasure is derived through anal intercourse due to the shared nerve endings that are located between the rectal wall and the vagina. The anus itself also contains many nerves which can also react in a pleasurable manner when excited.

On the other hand, males who participate in anal sex have different reasons for the pleasure experienced. Men who have anal sex with penetration of a female partner generally cite the tightness of the anus as a primary source of pleasure, while males receiving anal intercourse generally gain pleasure through the prostate gland that is located near the rectal wall.

It is possible to take advantage of all those nerve endings without the need to insert a penis into the anus. There would appear to be a never ending list of things that people attempt to insert into their anus. You can buy a whole range of butt plugs and dildos, ranging from the very thin to the extreme.


However, you do not need to spend money on such devices as your local fruit or wine shop can provide just what you need.


However, you should be aware that using any sort of glassware as an anal dildo can be unwise, unless it was a purpose made dildo of toughened glass. Far better to go with fruit/veg, a proper dildo or penis. I've heard of someone who used a wooden tool handle and ended up with a splinter, very difficult to explain away at A&E.

A final word of advice for beginners wanting to try the Anus as a source of pleasure, play safe and use plenty of lubricant and it can be an enjoyable experience.

Beyond the anus there is the prostate gland that is relatively easy to massage using the Aneros and other devices, which can provide much pleasure.

The Bum and Anus

For such a contentious part of the body, the naked bum and its anus are surprisingly un-photographed. The anus must be the most hidden part of the external body. It rarely sees the light of day, but can offer great pleasures, so why hide it. So if you fancy putting an end to all that, why not join me in a bum and anus gallery. Feel free to also include any photos of common or unusual dildos in use. Needless to say, it is open to both men and women.


Bum and Anus Gallery









Steve's Jewellery
The chain is attached to a large paper clip, I then insert the clip into my anus and the chain hangs down. Sounds uncomfortable but it really isn't.. it feels very nice. It doesn't fall out either and can be worn whilst walking, sitting, driving, etc.
I have also worn it at the beach. I think it looks great!

On the subject of anal jewellery, there is a website that sells it and a lot more!

Dave with a screwdriver and vibrator

Dave with a banana


Dave with a courgette


John's butt plug

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The following 6 photos are from Silvia, who is always interested in making contact with other naturists




These are from Suzie, who also appears in the Visitors Galleries 3 & 4
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Ed from Mexico



Nigel experimenting with a torch.


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Darek from Poland

Associated Stories

This story is from David:

Congratulation on another groundbreaking and interesting addition to your web pages. I have had a quick read of the new section and have found it great fun and so I have attached a couple of photos to see if they are worth putting on the page. Being a married guy I have always been reluctant to admit to enjoying anal stimulation, maybe the problem of not wanting to be labelled or categorised. It’s a lot like oral sex, some people participate and others find it dirty or objectionable and we have to discover what is and is not acceptable to our partners. My wife enjoys me going down on her but will not return the pleasure and she will not allow anal sex or play with my anus. This is not a problem since I love to give her oral sex and have other ways of getting anal stimulation.

I have always enjoyed masturbation since I found out how good it felt to get erect and play with my cock. At first it was the sensation of orgasm that generated the enjoyment but then the playing and arousal that got me to the edge of orgasm and holding it there as long as possible. Staying erect or partly erect all day is great and one of the reasons I enjoy nudity so much. As a growing teenager I had a few friends with whom I shared some time masturbating and one of those enjoyed playing with his nipples as much as his penis but for whatever reason I have never got any particular stimulation from that area. Growing up in the 60’s being “queer” was not accepted as readily as today’s acceptance of being gay (labels again) so I never explored my bum since it was girls not boys that interested me and they were what I enjoyed masturbating over or their pictures. I started to discover anal stimulation in my early 30’s, while in the shower. I guess I was enjoying masturbating while washing and while washing my bum found I had some enjoyable feeling from my anus area resulting in me washing my anus with soapy fingers and basically finger fucking my arse. (Crude but how else do you describe it) Like masturbation once you start you find variations that are either enjoyable so you carry on or not so good and try something else. So next day, after a morning doing nude DIY between playing with my penis, I was in the shower before work and there was this plastic handle screwdriver handy so with a bit of soap and water I enjoyed my first home made dildo and the feeling when I came with it still inserted up my anus was mind-blowing. I still have it as you see from the attached photo. This lead to a search of the house and tool shed for any penis shaped objects and quite a few items ended up being inserted. I remember a small hand fork with a round handle being inserted and then I cut the grass nude, in those days the back garden was totally private.

Like most things in life one step leads to another and I met a very gay guy at a nudist beach and he asked me outright if I would like to fuck him. (Crude again but that’s what he offered) We found a secluded spot and with condom and KY Jelly I enjoyed my first anus. I’m not sure what I expected but he was smooth and slightly tight but I think we both enjoyed it, I know I did. That experience set off other thoughts, could I enjoy someone’s penis up me? What would it be like and dare I go for it? Finally the situation happened and I agreed to let a guy fuck me for the first time. Again at a nudist beach or the dunes and it really turned me on it was so different and the feeling so intense as he gently penetrated my anus and then slowly at first began to fuck me. It turned out he was married as I met his wife the following week and while I tried to avoid the meeting just in case he didn’t want her to know since while he was naked she was in a one piece swim suit. He deliberately went out of his way to talk to me and then introduced me to his wife as, “the young guy I shagged last week.” No immediate divorce just a polite hello and you would think he had introduced me as an old school friend.

That’s how I lost my virginity and found I enjoyed being shagged or fucked whatever you want to call it. There are rules, size matters but not a lot, condoms are a must as is a lubricant. Take it steady to start until sure it fits, enjoy it. Failing that I am looking at the fruit and vegetables and will get the camera out if I can send some more photos? Any preference as I love showing off.

Regarding my second meeting with the guy that shagged me. It was a week after our first encounter and they were already settled on the edge of the sand dunes behind a windbreak. I had been working that morning so I was early afternoon when I got to the beach. Once I got to the nudist part I like to strip off and then find a sheltered spot to sunbathe. Some days it is easy to find somewhere, others, when it is busy can take some walking, but I enjoy a nude walk.

So I was walking along nude when he stood up behind the windbreak, we were near enough to recognise each other. He came out to meet me and of course he was nude as well. However, by the time we met I could see round the end of the windbreak and could see his wife or partner sat there reading a book but could see she was not nude. We stood and exchanged pleasantries for a couple of minutes and then he invited me to shelter from the small breeze that was blowing and just taking the edge off the sun. I asked if his wife would mind me being nude and he just said it was Ok she was used to it, so I went back to the windbreak with him and that's when he dropped the bombshell, "this is the guy I shagged last week." She put down the book and looked up and said something like, "Did you enjoy it?" I was totally lost, what do you say or do faced with the matter of fact conversation like that? I just told her I had enjoyed it and it had been my first time. I though if they can be so laid back about it so can I. Then she said, "I'm not very keen having it up there, but Colin likes a bit of bum so I let him go and find some now and then, it keeps him happy and if you enjoyed it too everyone's happy."

Then the conversation went off into how often I visited the beach and all the other trivial things people talk about. She was very pleasant and good to talk to and you would think it was the most natural thing in the world for her to be talking to a naked stranger that had been shagged by her husband. The fun thing would have been to do it again while she watched but it didn't turn out that way.

Just for the record the first time I was shagged or fucked was great, Colin and I were both naked (I have been every time I have been shagged) and he got me to lie face down and then lay on top of me entering me very slowly and gently so there was no sharp pain or anything unpleasant and it was a lot more fun than a screwdriver. Since then I have been shagged twice on my hands and knees, which allows either of us to play with my penis. I was fucked once while standing up but bent forward resting my hands on my knees but this is not a position I would try again unless there was something solid to hold on to. I had trouble staying upright and it took a lot of the enjoyment out of it. It didn't help with the guy getting a bit carried away and thrusting a bit vigorously. Twice now I have been shagged while on my back with my legs and feet in the air or resting on the guy's shoulders. I enjoyed both times and particularly the first time as we were caught naked by two other guys who just stood and watched for a few minutes as we carried on. There was no way of hiding what we had been doing and the two guys didn't say anything to stop us so we carried on. I would just love to have had some photos taken for the memories.

Another Account of Anal Fun

I am passive when it comes to sex which means it is me who receives anal and also sucks the men's cocks. My experiences are with John and with John and his friends. Normally I would kneel in front of John and suck him until he was fully hard, when he was he would then finger me and use a lubricant, this would normally take half an hour or so and would then involve a toy, always very slow and gentle so not to hurt me.

This normally went on until my hole remained open when dildo was removed. This means you feel relaxed. John would then normally lay down on floor and I would sit on his cock and it would go in quite easily. Also I would be sat on it facing away from him as he liked to see it going in and out. If his friends were there they would be stood round in circle while I gave them suckings at the same time too. Condoms always worn for anal but taken off for oral as John liked to see get sperm on me, especially from his friends too. lol. If it ever hurts then things stop and more lubricant is applied and the toy re-used. The whole thing normal is about an hour I suppose, but if his friends are there its usually much longer, and thats when positions are a lot different as all positions have to be one in mouth one in bum etc throughout. I have preferred doing it with John and his friends really, because it seems more fun and also they give loads of praise while I`m doing it which is good to get.

David's Thoughts on the Subject

Why would one be attracted to a particular part of the body? What makes the breasts or legs or navel or feet or buttocks so attractive to some, but not others. And what is it with the recent fashion for girls to shave off their pubic hair? (I did have a theory about why men found this attractive, based on the theory that in my youth in 1960s the porn of the day, mostly H&E in A5 format, did not show pubes, so a whole generation grew up expecting girls not to have a hairy minge. This theory falls flat in 2006 as pubes have been shown for decades but men still like the smooth look.)

But I digress as this is about bottoms, and I really like bottoms but I can not explain why.

I thought I might share a few bum moments with you and see if you concur that the events are sexy.

This summer a friend came to visit, a young lady who enjoys the naturist lifestyle. She spent the whole weekend naked. Late on Sunday evening it was time for her to leave so I accompanied her and her partner to the gate of the naturist club to let them out. As they walked down the lane she lifted her skirt and flashed her bare bum at me. OK so she was going home commando. I had seen her bum all weekend, so why would a two second flash be so exciting?

A few years back I went to a fetish exhibition in London. Lots of trade stands selling sex toys and a fashion show. Rather fun, a naughty but nice atmosphere. There were two girls wandering around the hall with big feather headdresses and feather tails. I caught a glimpse of them from a distance and assumed the feathers were attached to their bums as part of their pants. Oh no, the feathers were attached to a dildo up the anus. So you have to ask, what's it like having feathers sticking out your arse? Apparently rather nice, as you move the feathers jiggle the dildo and it stimulates the nerve endings in the anus.

There was another girl wandering around the shown a short skirt. She kept dropping her handbag, when she bent over to pick it up her knickers showed, and there was an advertising slogan on her bum. I remember her bum vividly, I have no idea what she was promoting. One advertising campaign that failed.

Apparently Marilyn Monroe has an eight of an inch trimmed off from one heel of her stiletto shoes to accentuate the wiggle of her hips as she walked. I find wiggly hips really sexy.

The odd thing is that many girls think that their bums are too big and their cellulite is ugly. Big bums with dimply bits are wonderful!

This is what John gets up to:

You asked for a few notes on my more unusual activities.
For me pissing games started at school, in 1942, when I first drank some of my piss as a dare. It wasn't unpleasant and I soon became hooked, with the result that I still drink some every day. Those who look on the internet, under urolagnia, will find that various groups believe the practice to have medical benefits. I wouldn't know.
Later on I was reintroduced to watersports or golden showers (kid's didn't have special names for it) and I play with friends whenever I can. Inevitably such games result in other's piss going into your mouth. I don't bother , I just swallow. Indeed, when indulging in oral sex, I like to keep the penis in my mouth after it 'comes' until my partner relaxes and just lets it all flow. The first time this happened I was kneeling, fully clothed at the back of an adult cinema, and the alternative to swallowing would have meant a most embarrassing trip home on the bus!
Not a drop was spilled.
Now to shit - or coprophagia. I first got a faint taste of shit when wetting my fingers whilst doing a little probing of my anus. A little later on (forty years ago) I discovered that of the various objects one could use, none was better than an under-ripe, green banana, peeled. Lubricated with cooking oil or a spread such as Olivio it readily slides fully in and comes out again smoothly. The first of my bananas came out with a thin smear of shit. Not wanting to waste the banana, I ate it. To my surprise, the taste was quite bland and not at all unpleasant. Since then I have regularly used bananas and I always eat them, together with whatever else comes out.
Since then I have gone on , occasionally, to omitting the banana and just shitting and eating, either with other food, as in a sandwich, or on its own. An acquired taste, but so are many things, even whisky.
The flavour of shit is always pretty much the same, whereas urine is very variable. Beginners advised to drink loads of water before trying!
Have I ever tasted anyone else's shit? Risky, but yes. Rimming will always carry a faint taste.
In the 69 position I find it easier when my partner is on top sucking to use finger and tongue on the bum. If my fingers get a little shit on, so what.
Once, and once only, whilst in the 69 position with a girl she first pissed on my face, acceptable and not unexpected, and then shat in my mouth. Too much of a shock to be enjoyable.
Sometimes, with a friend we indulge in the other shit game of smearing. Rub some of our shit into the other's genitals and then lick it off. very enjoyable for both - if you like shit eating that is.
Why do I do it? I don't know, I have done it for years and I still enjoy it.

From Jim:

I first became intrigued with anal exploration in my early 20s. I don't really remember why it happened when it did, but I do remember enjoying the sensations of inserting my finger in that forbidden spot. I quickly realized that something longer and thicker than my finger might be more fun and I found a round-handled kitchen knife that worked quite well (the handle part of course). I then did a little research and discovered dildos and butt plugs. Masturbating with a dildo in the ass is an incredibly intense feeling. Anal intercourse can be extremely exciting, and Analingis is an extremely erotic event, however both require the utmost trust between you and your partner. I also have a vibrator with an anal sleeve that is quite interesting.

From Rob:

Even before digital cameras I had an interest in photography. Not that I had an expensive camera. I
just enjoyed taking snaps of fellow naturists. Now it is so much easier that I am digital, in particular to edit photos.
I'm still strictly an amateur though! Often I have photographed guys in more explicit poses, which as you may have guessed leads to them proudly showing off their erection. Even totally straight men seem to like showing themselves off !
Most guys are very willing to display their penis in an aroused state, but I do find coyness when the suggestion of a bum shot is mentioned!
A full back shot is OK, but only the most uninhibited actually allow me take close up shots, legs parted revealing the actual 'bum hole'.
It seems that this area is a very private spot for a man. Persuading a guy to show off his hole is quite a challenge for me.
Naked guys can be seen at naturist beaches and in the showers at the swimming baths, but if you think about it, the anal area is never seen. Thus making it quite a taboo area!
I'd be interested to read other guys views "Are you man enough to even discuss your 'bum hole', let alone reveal all to a photographer ?!".

From Graham:

Once again I feel compelled to write and congratulate you on some of the latest subjects on your pages. I have always enjoy your frank discussions of sometimes taboo subjects and have particularly enjoyed the naked photos and the wonderful erection photos,some truly lovely pictures. I have not logged on for a while for various reasons but when I did I was surprised and delighted to see your bum and anus gallery,again what marvellous photos,some lovely holes.

I myself was not really aware of the pleasure the anus can give until about 15 years ago. My wife had no interest in anything anal so we had never explored that avenue, but about 15 years ago I started seeing an older gay chap and he really taught be about the pleasures that anal stimulation can afford. First of all fingers,then anilingus,which he also taught me to perform,and then finally,after much discussion he mounted and penetrated me. After the initial resistance he fully entered me and the pleasure was intense,I suppose you can say I have never looked back.

Once again thankyou for your marvellous educational and thought provoking site(with lovely photos)

best regards


From Dave:

My first experience was a few years ago when I answered an advert in the local press for a 'naturist massage by mature male'.

I called the number a spoke to a well spoken man, like you called Peter, who told me the price and directed me to his address.

I suppose I was hoping that something would 'happen' as I was ready to explore that side of my sexuality. There was a period of some days between making first contact with Peter and actually attending and I spend this time going for a couple of sun beds, shaving my arse and trimming and shaving my pubic hair into a small tuft. I find that the anticipation leads to more excitement. By the time of the appointment I had decided that I would like to experience anything that came my way.

On the day of my appointment I arrived at a large detached house and the door was answered by a distinguished looking gent in his mid to late 60's. He invited me in and took me to an upstairs bedroom, instructing me to undress and lie on the bed, which I did. Peter also undressed completely. He was slim, toned, tanned all over, and was totally hairless.

Peter chatted away as he straddled my thighs, oiled my back and proceeded to give me a very accomplished massage. Soon he worked his way down to my buttocks and I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation as he oiled me up. Soon I realised that his massage strokes were in an outward direction, meaning that my buttocks were totally parted. I also realised that Peter would hold my buttocks open for a few seconds, and it thrilled me to think that he was looking at my exposed anus.

"You have a lovely arse" said Peter.
"Thanks" I replied.
"and your puckered hole is particularly appealing" said Peter.
"Thanks again" I told him.

I could feel Peter's cock rubbing against my arse, and he repeatedly directed it so it slid up my crack as he moved. I was aware he had become hard, so when he started to gaze at, and comment upon, my arsehole I suppose I knew then I was going to let him do whatever he wanted with me, and a delightful initiation it was.

Peter then asked if I minded him admiring my arse and I told him that I was very flattered. He then shifted his position and I then felt a wonderful sensation on my anus. It was a few moments before I realised that he was actually licking my arsehole. Involuntarily I lifted my hips off the bed to meet his tongue. "Ooh... I think we've discovered an eager little slut" Peter said. I said nothing to argue the point, I was enjoying it too much.

Peter then told me that he was going to photograph my arse to show his friends and refer to at a later date. I didn't argue as the thought of this excited me. He directed me onto my knees, legs wide apart and face on the pillow. He got his camera and instructed me to fuck myself with a finger as he photographed the action. This progressed to me using two, then three fingers on myself. I felt very naughty doing this but it waso thrilling. Peter continually told me what a slut I was, and this added to the thrill.

The remainder of the afternoon passed in a blur of me being photographed with a variety of dildos and butt plugs in my arse, the sizes ever increasing until I was stretched further than I thought possible. The session culminated in Peter penetrating me anally. This was my first time and I could hardly feel him as I was so loose, but it was the submissiveness of the act that I enjoyed, and the feeling of being so naughty as he called me a slut.

Afterwards Peter and I sat down with a coffee and perused the photographs. This made peter erect again and he told me to orally please him, which I gladly did. Another first. This entire experience made me realise that I gained enjoyment most when I was used for the enjoyment of others, a submissive slut as Peter called me. I visited Peter on other occasions and continued my 'education', trying to hone my pleasure giving skills. I also learned that I enjoyed being used in the presence of others, male and female.

On a subsequent visit I arrived and the door was answered by a grey haired, middle aged woman who was dressed very conservatively in tweed skirt and cardigan. She spoke very nicely, shook my hand and introduced herself as Sylvia, Peter's wife. She said Peter was expecting me, and led me upstairs. I was totally shocked as I had assumed Peter was gay.

When we entered the room Peter was already naked and told me to undress, as usual. I looked around and saw that Sylvia had sat down on the armchair and was looking directly at me. "Don't mind me" she said "Peter lets me watch occasionally as I am kind enough to let him continue with his little hobby. Don't pretend you are shy, as Peter has told me all about you". I undressed in front of her and felt a thrill as she looked at my cock, already semi-erect.

Sylvia watched whilst Peter and I indulged ourselves with each other until she said "Right... I want to see you fuck Peter". I explained that I had never done this before and didn't know if I wanted to. Sylvia told me not to be ridiculous and that it would be the same as fucking a woman in the arse.

She got Peter on his knees and applied lube to his arse. She then told me to kneel behind him and stroked my cock with her lubed hand, She then parted Peter's arse cheeks with her left hand as she offered my cock up to his hole with the other. I was really surprised that there was no mention of condoms at any time. Sylvia placed the end of my hardon to touch his anus and whispered "Push slowly". Her voice had become noticably husky.

I pushed as instructed and felt Peter's arse part and enclose around my cock "Oooh, how utterly lovely", Sylvia breathed as my cock slid into Peter. Being in his arse felt wonderful to me and I loved the fact that Sylvia was watching. Sylvia started to converse with Peter telling him how lucky he was having a lovely big cock in his arse and asking him how he felt. She then began to take close up photographs and I found it thrilling as she directed me as to how she wanted my cock. She then said, very quietly "Now I want you to fuck him really hard ". I did this to the best of my ability and soon came inside him. Sylvia thanked me, and then just walked out of the room.

Since this episode I have enjoyed ladies being present whilst indulging in man on man sex. For example, if I were to be on my knees before you, pleasuring you with my mouth, I would find it infinitely more exciting if your wife was present, fully clothed and watching us: perhaps giving me advice on technique, asking you how I was doing and maybe asking you to score my cocksucking skills. Strange to some perhaps but very enticing to me.

From James:

I had my first anal experience recently, at a naturist establishment on the South Coast. I had been there for a few hours, enjoying the facilities and engaging in some mutual masturbation with some of the other visitors. As time went on, the numbers dwindled until there were only a few people remaining. I went back to the rest rooms for a lie down, and after a few minutes, a chap put his head around the door to see what I was doing. As I had my erect penis in my hand, he rightly assumed that I was looking for some fun.

I followed him to another rest room where I began to masturbate him. He then indicated for me to suck him which I gladly did. Some moments later, he stood behind me and tried to force his erection inside me. This took me a little by surprise as I was not expecting this. He motioned for me to stay where I was, and disappeared for a minute or two. When he came back, he was carrying a condom. He put this on and I got on all fours on the bed with my arse facing him.

He began to push his penis inside me, but due to a combination of inexperience on my part and a lack of lubrication, it did not go in. He then laid down on the bed and I tried to sit on his penis. Again, it wasn't happening. He then got me to lie on my back with my legs in the air. He then tried again and slowly his penis entered me. There was a certain amount of pain, but it was bearable. After some minutes of thrusting, he announced that he was going to cum and then slowly he withdrew from my anus.

For the next few days it did feel like I was passing razorblades when I defacated, but the experience is one I would like to try again. I would also like to enter a man to feel what that is like.

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